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Thunder Bay, On., P7B 3Z9

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Thunder Bay OliVine--Olive Oils & Balsamic Tasting Bar


       Thunder Bay OliVine | 866 Memorial Ave., Thunder Bay, On. P7B 3Z9 |  807-475-5280   807-623-1661        

Just a hint of curry makes a remarkable seasoning for roasted squash, sweet potatoes or yams. Great for prawns, chicken, pork chops & tofu. Liven up stir fry's or soups! Try in egg salad sandwiches.

Magically turns anyone into a BBQ guru.  Crispy golden brown skin on the outside, tender & juicy meat on the inside.  Guaranteed hit for a BBQ get together.  Also excellent on grilled or rotisserie chicken.

The light, delicate flavour is ideal for oven roasted or sauteed chicken. The Basil & sesame seeds coating your chicken form a crust & the balance soaks into the meat to create an irresistible dish.

"Kid friendly"

#1 selling rub! Add a little lemon juice to the mix, baste it on your salmon , sprinkle with brown sugar.   Plank your salmon, you'll never go back to cooking it any other way!

Mouthwatering steak every time!  Grilling, pan frying or broiling, this tasty rub brings impeccable flavour to all meats. Surpass restaurant quality at home. "Kid friendly"

The "SECRET ING." for savvy hosts & hostesses. The perfect partner for roast potatoes, port tenderloin, chicken breasts & grilled vegetables. "Kid friendly and

Vegetarian friendly".

Connoisseurs with dietary restrictions praise this saltfree rub for enhancing the flavour of chicken, pork, lamb and vegetables.

"Vegetarian friendly"

At last, authentic Jamaican flavour, without the heat! Enjoy on chicken or ribs.  Add a dash of Tabasco to bring back the heat Crunchy, sticky, pleasure in every bite.

Exceptional for mashed potatoes. Caesar salad dressing with a bite, mouth puckering garlic butter, & succulent sauteed prawns or mushrooms.

"Vegetarian friendly"

Adds a subtle & delicate flavour to white fish, lake fish, & shellfish.  Add a little splash of lemon or orange juice when preparing white fish tacos!

Sprinkle on vegetables after cooking to add crunch, texture & flavour. Visually stunning & equally delicious sprinkled on rice, couscous, mashed potatoes, salads & cottage cheese. "Vegetarian friendly."

For stronger flavoured meats such as lamb & game. Ideal for stove top cooking, oven roasting, barbequing. Try combining with Dijon mustard for extra zing!.


Each package  makes 16 servings.TAKE YOUR FOOD TO THE NEXT LEVEL

Each Flavour is $4.00 per package